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Growing your real-estate portfolio and increasing your available cash flow can be a fine art. At Pineywoods Capital, we’ve been fortunate to weather the ups and downs of real estate investing leading to an understanding and expertise that is unmatched by others. Choosing to secure your investment ventures with us ensures not only the financing you need, but the guidance, trust, and support not found elsewhere.

What is the Difference Between Lending Short-Term & Long-Term?

As you grow your portfolio, your needs may change. Whether you need to acquire new rental properties, stabilize your cash flow, or refinance existing rental properties, we are here to help you. Assisting you in understanding your financing options and advising you in making the decision that best fits your needs is our primary goal. We examine your current portfolio, identify areas of opportunity, and help to anticipate changes over time. This forward-thinking approach avoids costly and unnecessary delays in financing both in the present and future as well as maximizes your potential for growth.  To help determine your needs, we review the following information to assess whether a long-term loan is the correct option for you.

Key Factors to Consider When Deciding Between a Short-Term or Long-Term Loan:

Exit Strategy: You should be aware of what your plan is with the property. Determining whether you plan to keep the property for a long period of time and use it as residual income for the foreseeable future or if you are looking to flip the property quickly. As standard practice, an exit strategy should be factored by a 12-month timeline.
Tenants: When choosing a new property, it is important to factor in whether the property currently has tenants. More importantly, it is necessary to gauge the current market rent based on several factors. These can include location, crime rate, property values, and post renovation value. Understanding what the rental rate should be and knowing what the current tenants pay will also play a key role in whether you decide on a short term or long term loan.
Renovation Timeline: Every project has different hurdles and renovating a property is no different. Your decision to choose a short term or long term loan will hinge on the length and scope of a renovation project. As with all properties, it is recommended that a contractor advise you on the project timeline prior to purchase.

We understand that not all scenarios will fall into the scope of the above graph or factors listed. This is why choosing a private lender is the best option when considering expanding your portfolio. As a leader in capital loans, Pineywoods Capital is here to help you assess your current needs, plan for future changes, and deliver an experience that surpasses many large banks.

Ready to Get Started?

Contact us today for a review of your current portfolio as well as assistance in securing your next project!